Scottish Games and Festivals take place all across the globe. Our organization is a member of the Association of Scottish Games & Festivals (ASGF) and we work in harmony with festivals from other cities across the state and nation. The competitions at our games are ranked both nationally and internationally for Highland Athletics.

The Scottish Highland Games are the modern continuation of an ancient Celtic tradition. Highland Games were held long ago by the clans of Northern Scotland but began far earlier among the Celts of Ireland during Roman times. Some credit the 11th century Scottish king Malcolm Canmore with initiating the first Highland Games.


Each event tests the athlete’s strength as well as skill and technique:

Tossing of the Caber: A caber is a wooden pole which ranges up to 135 pounds in weight and 21 feet in length. The athlete runs with it then tosses it end over end. The toss is scored on accuracy, not distance.

Stone of Strength: The Stone of Strength is similar to the modern shot put. A 21 pound rounded stone is used.

Braemer Stone: A 33 pound stone is thrown without a run-up.

Scottish Hammer: The hammer is a metal ball on a cane handle. It weighs 22 pounds.

Weight for Height: A 56 pound weight on a short chain is thrown over the cross bar.

Sheaf Toss: The traditional sheaf of wheat is tossed with a three-tined pitchfork over a crossbar. The wheat is replicated by a 16 pound burlap bag filled with rope.

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